Snafus Sequential

The Casual Uncluttering LLC misadventures continue. My gifted webcam, 8-years-young, is awesome. Once I got it and audio to work in a cappella harmony. After an hour of cycling through every combination of every switch I could think of. I still haven’t the slightest daft notion of why what I’m doing works. Zoom sneers at the poor Boomer, so hurrah that my new machine is still on track for April 10. Science Fair posterboard, sheets, balsa wood and tape are much heavier than you’d think when they fall on your head. It would take several white boards and a few hours to explain the Wile E Coyote mechanics. But it’s certainly looking green. You’ll see what I mean tomorrow, when I release my ad about launching virtual organizing services. The table that holds my computer while I film the ad only blocks my entire front hall, so I only have to crawl under it to get from my kitchen, living room and office to my bedroom and bathroom. It’s coming down tonight. Until I start offering a Zoom webinar of my Organizer on the Road Show. And then, if I’m successful, I won’t have time to ever take it down ♥ And that’s why there’s painter’s tape on my computer. I learned a few things back in my youth, doing some incredibly amateur stage management in college and for a tiny local Long Island, NY theatre right after graduation. NEVER LOSE YOUR SPIKE. It’s right up there with “Know Where Your Towel Is.”

The real green screen is also still on track to arrive on April 22. May the FedEx be with it.

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