Some Things I’m Confident I Think I Know – Jim Friedman part 3 – C4

Some Things I’m Confident I Think I Know. This conversation between Dr. Jim Friedman, a professor of creativity and entrepreneurship at Miami University, chief steward for World Creativity and Innovation Week, and David Chislett during the 2021 Playful Creative Summit is the one I’ve come back to most frequently. Professor Friedman shared his structure for problem-solving, and I find it breathtaking in its simplicity and power.

Man wearing blindfold

C4 (broadly interpreted from his presentation):

Clarify – determine the true scope of your problem, task or project.

Collect – gather a large number of ideas about the project

Choose – converge on an idea – be bold – get rid of the safe and easy ones “Which idea scares me?” “Which do I think is really original?” and any other challenging questions you can ask.

Complete – act on the idea

Professor Friedman also inspired my VUCA blog and Jim Friedman part 2. Fascinating speaker. I would love to take a class with him.

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