Some Things I’m Confident I Think I Know – Jim Friedman part 2

Some Things I’m Confident I Think I Know. OHMIUNIVERSE, I LOVE this title. I catch myself hemming and hawing like that CONSTANTLY. Dr. Jim Friedman, a professor of creativity and entrepreneurship at Miami University, chief steward for World Creativity and Innovation Week, spoke with David Chislett during the 2021 Playful Creative Summit.

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His call to action for all of us – “Education is getting in the way of creativity,” education is designed to instill compliance in us, not creativity. What can we do to give students, and for that matter ourselves, opportunities for growth? True educators will guide their students, because students have a natural inclination to find easy solutions, towards challenges and struggles. Towards embracing uncertainty and ambiguity, failure and breaking rules. Professor Friedman also inspired my VUCA blog. I know I could listen to this particular conversation several times and write several blogs.

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