Sometimes, it AIN’T you

Sometimes, it ain’t you.    Sometimes, the instructions come in Arabic.

It sounds silly. But it’s true – sometimes, even all of the time, you’re tired, not lazy – it takes you three tries before you realize the instructions are in Arabic.  Sometimes, even all of the time, you’re not stupid – the instructions came in Arabic. Sometimes, even all of the time, you’re not crazy – you can’t read Arabic.

So what makes the difference between not having a new keyboard, which you DESPERATELY need for two BIG HUGE MEGA-IMPORTANT meetings and having that keyboard? Perseverance, creativity, some music or aromatherapy or a bite of chocolate, some fake-it-’till-you-make-it-confidence. A whole bunch of deep breathes and some EXCELLENT Nu Yawk cursing.

The keyboard is my most recent example. Everyone has that moment.

Oh, and some luck – a three-year-old could follow those instructions. My son was the back-up plan.

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