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Storage Made Easy

I wish there were a new, therefore easy-to-find edition of Candace Ord Manroe’s 1995 work – not January 1, 1820, which, WORD-OF-HONOR, is the publication date Amazon currently assigns the book. I was hoping Uncluttered: Storage Room-by-Room might be newer, but sadly, not really – 1997. Amazon lists Uncluttered as published December 31, 1899, giggle. As a Professional Organizer, I’ve got lots of organizing books on my shelves. This is the only book I know of which provides some very practical tools for anyone to assess exactly what types of storage may fit their needs: box vs. basket vs. furniture, including the reminder to consider construction, shape, materials. There are very few organizing books which explicitly incorporate an interior design perspective in their concepts. All good Organizers, and therefore well-written organizing books, acknowledge that your systems have to reflect your taste and needs, but they don’t necessarily give “hands-on” help about how to make the systems attractive. This book gives very powerful tools to help you do just that. Oh, and the first paragraph is priceless. As is a quote on page 14.

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