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I’ve been sick, tired, and sick and tired much of this week. Who knows if I can trace it back to flea bites, sniffing glue, genuine illness, or the changing seasons, but in any case, I’ve been completely without wherewithal to blog, follow up with clients, potential or otherwise, go out…  Sadly, yes, I was besieged by fleas at a client’s – ALL cleared up, and not one of the misbegotten hangers-on made it into my house but gads, the real ones ruin Fox in Socks. I’ve been sniffing glue – four kinds so far, none of them working for most of what I need – as I build some marketing displays  in a bathroom. Even with venting, it ain’t so fragrant. (I daydream of owning a garage some day. More important than a house.)


Some people may remember An Act of Kindness and An Act of Kindness – Footnote in which I spoke of a very sweet clerk at one of my groceries: he practiced extraordinary compassion at a time when he himself was under miserable stress.


I still shop at that grocery, and I got into his line tonight, Sunday 9/9/2018. I’d been careful to compliment him in person, and equally careful to make sure his supervisors got a positive word as well. Tonight, he was just as careful to tell me that he’s been offered a promotion, and that my testimonial was a significant contributing factor. I also eavesdropped on his conversation with a friend: I’m not going to say exactly which exhibit is his at the Bellevue Museum of Arts, featured until the end of September, because I’m not sure whether he’d be embarrassed, but I’d enjoy seeing another side of him.


And I got home with the energy to write this blog. Got home to continue gluing marketing displays. Kindness is sustaining.



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