Finally, a Grey Gardens Movie I Like

You’ve read my rages at Grey Gardens documentaries in other posts. Battling cabin fever, I just caught HBO’s 2009 Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It’s fantastic, an exact counterweight to the trash. Michael Sucsy, Director and screenwriter for the film, drew on original sources, such as Little Edie’s journals, to develop a…

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The H Word

Hoarding situation

It’s bad for me to be bored in a library. I will unfailingly wander to the “For Sale” racks and I WILL find something. This time it was A Pint of Murder, written by Charlotte MacLeod under the pen name Alisa Craig and published in 1980. I vaguely remembered the name Charlotte MacLeod – turns…

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The Beales of Grey Garden

I think I’ll always consider this one of the most difficult posts I ever write. I have no idea when I first heard about the cinéma verité Grey Gardens. But it is (perhaps) obligatory, even de rigueur, maybe a rite of passage, for Professional Organizers to watch this 1975 documentary about Edith (“Big Edie”) Ewing Bouvier…

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