Mary Jane Maffini – fiction takes my fancy

Charlotte Adams, the amateur detective in a series of five novels by Mary Jane Maffini, is a highly accomplished Professional Organizer (for real: the tips in the books are, some of them, quite good and she has awesome “technique.”). She even belongs to my professional society NAPO (page 146, The Cluttered Corpse). She is otherwise…

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Mission: Organization – the book

Mission Organization HGTV show book

Library thrift shop find. Had to. Overcome by the onslaught of nostalgia. The TV show Mission: Organization kept me company when I was home with my then-newborn son.  The startling and pleasing surprise is that the book hasn’t aged. Despite its 2004 publication date, the home decor was timeless, although I wouldn’t want to set…

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#SmallisMighty Casual Uncluttering LLC – tiny!

Lauren Williams Casual Uncluttering LLC June 27, 2016

I’m watching the #SmallisMighty campaign on LinkedIn, in celebration of National Small Business Week. LinkedIn proclaims: “Happy National Small Business Week! All week long, we’ll be celebrating the power of small businesses. What ‘mighty moments’ has your business had? Share your story on LinkedIn with the hashtag hashtag#SmallisMighty and tag anyone who helped along the…

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Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool goes Casual

toddler boots

I’m overjoyed to announce that Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) and I will be shaking off the dust, clearing a tiny cobweb or two, rescuing all the Tonkas without wheels and generally calming the tantrums an accumulation of 36 years of well-loved children’s, parents’ and teachers’ stuff can cause in a space. I’m honored with…

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Working with a Teacher – Report Card 4-30-2019

4/30/2019 I’ve been meaning to contact you every day since we’ve been back from spring break. I’ve kept the desk clear, except when it’s being used for the intended use. The filing is working out great! When I come back from meetings, I know exactly where every piece of paper or document should go! What…

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Casual Uncluttering LLC because

A Designer’s Top 10 Tips for Increasing Home Value Gillian Lazanik, a Houzz Contributor, lists “Hire a Professional Organizer” as her 9th tip in the April 18, 2019 article I link to above (and thanks to my colleague Anne Blumer for leading me to it!). All of the tips are worth noting and this is…

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Step Aside, I’m a Professional

“Step Aside, I’m a Professional!” I know there’s a joke somewhere which started that expression. I can’t find it, which is making me nuts. “Step Aside!!!” was the first thought popping into my head when I finished Clutter Control: Useful Tips for Getting Rid of the Mess, compiled and edited in 1991 by Susan Wright…

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An extremely satisfying collaboration

I’ve featured Tiffany Swedeen in blog posts before. This was one of my best projects ever: “Living Dirty and Getting Clean” posted to ScrubbedCleanRN 9/23/2018, and pointing, deservedly, to Recover and Rise. “Living Dirty and Getting Clean The clutter, chaos, mementos and memories had been sitting stagnant, waiting their turn to be sifted and sorted. The Garage.…

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When is Too Much?

Shoes Goodwill Glitter Sale Nov 2017

I see a lot of Legos. And collections: Hummels, purses, plates, hats, Star Wars toys, shoes, holiday decorations, jewelry, books, makeup, cookware … and collectible Legos. By my standards, I have a massive, intrusive amount of Legos in my house: my son treasures sets, and scratchbuilds with loose pieces. I suspect I could build a…

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