The Hoarding Handbook: A Guide for Human Services Professionals – INVALUABLE

Hoarded room Casual Uncluttering project

The Hoarding Handbook: A Guide for Human Services Professionals, 2011, Oxford University Press, by Christiana Bratiotis, Cristina Sorrentino Schmalisch and Gail Steketee is an invaluable guide to the project-management complexities of providing care to people with hoarding disorder. The authors have created a manual to promote cooperation among, and benefit for, any and all the…

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Hoarding Disorder Assessment Tools

Yes, even organizers need organization resources.

My everlasting gratitude to Dr. Gregory Chasson, a clinician with too many impressive accomplishments to list here, and The Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force for pointing me to several of these hoarding disorder assessment tools which were unfamiliar to me. I’m pleased to say that several of my colleagues and I pointed him to a resource…

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