Painful Reality I Can’t Help Everyone

hoarded basement room before

It’s a painful reality of my work that I can’t help everyone. More important, it’s unethical for me to help everyone – if I come to a project and I don’t have the skills, experience or resources to take on the job, I’m obligated by my professional society’s code of conduct to refer the potential…

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Dust in my hair and a smile on my face – new motto?


I’m considering “Dust in my hair and a smile on my face” for my new motto. Not really, I’m quite pleased with myself for “I help you think outside of the box to get something into the box,” which is quite versatile at need – for example, I recently asked for help at a business…

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Peter Walsh – Organizer and Marriage Counselor

colored beads on white tray

I was a Clean Sweep fan. I admit it. Peter Walsh was part organizer, part marriage counselor, and all no-nonsense. I like two of his books, and these are the reviews. “It’s All Too Much” This book is NOT just a copy of the “It’s All Too Much Workbook.”  Mr. Walsh, with humor and compassion,…

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Spring Cleaning, Spring Remodeling?

“Complete Home Storage” by Southern Living magazine, 1999, is one of those things I love to find in thrift stores, or, in this case, the fundraising bookstore of a public library in Bellevue, WA. You never know what excellent advice special editions of magazines are going to have. It’s not on my reading list for…

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Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) = Organizers +

colorful tangled ropes

Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) are good. Very good. I’m one of them, I know. But participants in the Institute for Challenging Disorganization‘s (ICD) programming are skilled for clients with more demanding needs: clients with brain injuries, ADD, hoarding disorder and the like. ICD-certified Professional Organizers are VERY VERY VERY highly trained. Just the prerequisites…

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Consignment Clears Clutter – and other ways to let It go

Decoupaged travel trunk

Consignment clears clutter, and the money isn’t bad either. Toss in the “reduces, reuses, recycles” bonus and consignment is a terrific option for items from your entire house or business. Consignment shops even specialize: a Google search for “consignment shops” pulls up plus-size women’s clothing, furniture, antiques like the one below (just kidding, I made…

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Eastside Friends of Seniors – a wonderful charity

Eastside Friends of Seniors logo

I give talks throughout the Puget Sound Region. Everything about my job is my favorite activity, except for the occasional bruise or mouse dropping, but the talks really are one of my highlights. They keep me thinking about best practices and I learn as much from my guests as they might from me. My guests, and…

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Marie Claire Outfit 911 – Filling your Closets Wisely

Woman in a pile of shoes

I believe that some women have a better chance of filling their closets wisely, thus avoiding clutter, by gaining knowledge about how to dress and shop. So, with that in mind, here’s the review of “Marie Claire Outfit 911” I posted in Amazon: Any woman in a panic over what to keep in her closet…

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Project Management, for Beginners (and it’s for life)

DK Essential Managers Project Management book cover

DK Essential Managers Project Management by Peter Hobbs This book is tiny, only 4” x 6” and 72 pages. Its title says it all. It’s a primer. It doesn’t go in-depth with strategies for every situation, but alerts you to everything you need to anticipate. The step-by-step breakdown of the process, from defining your goals…

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