April Lane Benson books – overshopping

To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop by April Lane Benson is a critical tool for anyone suffering from spendaholism (compulsive buying, compulsive shopping disorder, overspending, overshopping, shopaholism). Dr. Benson, who passed away 3/29/2021, was an internationally recognized pioneer coordinating research into and treatment of overshopping, partially inspired by…

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Spendaholism resources

jar of money

Spendaholism, compulsive buying, compulsive shopping disorder, overspending, overshopping, shopaholism. It’s as real as alcoholism and just as destructive. It can contribute to hoarding. And it’s winked at, even grossly encouraged, around the world. “Just a girl’s night out.” “A boy and his toys.” Black Friday. Only 30 days ’til Christmas. And, as I’ve posted elsewhere,…

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Safeway Monopoly – LEVEL UP!!

I write this on Wednesday 2/20/2019. Safeway Monopoly started Wednesday 2/6/2019. So, two weeks in, I feel emboldened to discuss the whack-your-head-with-the-iron differences in the game this year.   You’ve still gotta buy stuff and win paper sets. One side is still all the little slips that will litter your house for months. The slips still yield…

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