Charitable Choice

My elderly cat Snickers died on Saturday 1/20/2018. On Sunday, I brought his things to Homeward Pet, my favorite shelter in Washington, without hesitation, to honor him and quietly make emotional space for a new pet someday. But recently, I had to rescind my recommendation of a non-profit, Missy’s Rescue, because I’d read very troubling…

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Consignment Clears Clutter – and other ways to let It go

Decoupaged travel trunk

Consignment clears clutter, and the money isn’t bad either. Toss in the “reduces, reuses, recycles” bonus and consignment is a terrific option for items from your entire house or business. Consignment shops even specialize: a Google search for “consignment shops” pulls up plus-size women’s clothing, furniture, antiques like the one below (just kidding, I made…

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Charity DON’T – Goodwill gets a surprise

Packing boxes

Anyone who follows me knows how much I respect Goodwill as a recipient for charity. But please, beloved clients, colleagues, friends, DON’T ever do this – from USA Today which picked up the story from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on 10:17AM ET March 17, 2017 (and MANY local sources carried it): A Washington Goodwill donation center…

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