ADHD 2.0 by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey

Square Peg

ADHD 2.0 is Drs. Hallowell’s and Ratey’s latest collaboratively-written book. It’s the simplest of their books that I’ve read, with a focus on updating and explaining concepts Hallowell and Ratey first introduced in their fundamental Distraction series, and a second focus on providing detailed, easy-to-try tools for managing ADHD symptoms when those symptoms interfere with…

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Edward Hallowell’s Delivered from Distraction

Edward Hallowell is an extremely gifted writer. His work is lyrical, poignant, often funny, and always to-the-point and accessible. I seldom want to write a review which is nothing but quotes from the book under consideration, but I had to fight the impulse this time. Instead, I will simply urge everyone who has any interest…

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Driven to Distraction by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey

Driven to Distraction by Dr. Edward Hallowell, a world-renowned expert on pediatric ADD and himself a person with ADD, and Dr. John Ratey, a Harvard Medical School Neuropsychiatrist, is a poignant, at times lyrical, message of hope for ADD-abled people and their neighbors, colleagues, friends and family.   This book is a comprehensive examination of…

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