Some Things I’m Confident I Think I Know – Jim Friedman part 2

World Globe

Some Things I’m Confident I Think I Know. OHMIUNIVERSE, I LOVE this title. I catch myself hemming and hawing like that CONSTANTLY. Dr. Jim Friedman, a professor of creativity and entrepreneurship at Miami University, chief steward for World Creativity and Innovation Week, spoke with David Chislett during the 2021 Playful Creative Summit. His call to…

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13 x 7 = 28

I admit defeat. I admit abject, miserable, wretched failure. A failure to practice what I preach. And ghastly consequences. Starting a business is always perilous. In my early Casual Uncluttering LLC days, I constantly juggled coinage, allocating every leaden penny as carefully as possible to those operations for which I couldn’t tread water if I…

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The Challenge of Language

I have to. I must. You must. I have to meet this deadline. I must meet this deadline. You must meet this deadline. I have to meet this deadline to get organized or I’ll be embarrassed when my friends come over for the party. I must meet this deadline and then I’ll have a more…

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