Competition ain’t playful

Competition ain’t playful – it can be healthy, if it’s goal-oriented. BUT… don’t confuse competition with play, actively engaging in relaxing, mindless, unstructured, “timeless” and/or energizing pastimes without any purpose other than having fun. Which, by the way, seriously promotes creativity, productivity, and health. Our need for play, our instinct for playfulness, is as fundamental…

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“Clutter” Caught my Eye

This April 15, 2020 article by UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center affiliates Michael Amster and Jake Eagle, “Stuck at Home? How to Find Awe and Beauty Indoors” is just amazing. The subtitle “During quarantine, you can gain a sense of perspective by discovering what’s wondrous in the clutter of your home.” caught my eye.…

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Music in my pocket


I keep music in my pocket. I don’t own an alarm clock. I set a musical alarm on my phone. I wake up to the alarm and instantly turn my phone to a music and humor morning talk radio station. The minute I’m dressed, I tuck the phone in my back pocket. Music in my…

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