It’s No Longer Looking at All Like Christmas

Anywhere I go. I was in an I-won’t-name-it grocery (for fear of being sued) at 5:00PM today Wednesday January 3, 2018, shopping for the gazpacho I’m making for a party on Friday – yes, an ice-cold soup in the middle of winter. It still tastes good.   The tables which had held the marked-down-75%-only-seconds-after-midnight-12-31-2017 tinsel,…

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Interfaith Calendar, Sacred Events

Globe for World Religion

Mid-way through a month which holds sacred events for many of us, I was curious to see just how extensive that list of events might be. This interfaith calendar is compiled by the Pew Research Center, an extremely well-regarded think tank. This link gets you to the calendar. Peace to all of us, and the…

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