Duck Daze Parade – University Place

ducks crossing a road

I’m not entirely selfless when I do things like create my two new Casual Uncluttering webpages, one about LGBTQ resources and one about resources for Seniors, or post details about a June 1, 2019 shred event in University Place. I merrily admit I enjoy the hunt for new places, new things to do. Mossyrock, WA,…

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NW LGBT Senior Care Providers Network

I went to Bryn Mawr College, an academic institution with an entrenched mission of supporting eccentricities. For example, we held a May Day, a celebration of Spring: white dresses, hoop races, Maypole dancing… Do I know why? Honestly, no. It was tremendous fun, and I dove in wholeheartedly from freshwoman year on, but nope, no…

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National Coming Out Day – LGBTQ without apology

I am bisexual, capable of loving, committed, supportive, long-term physical and emotional relationships with either men or women. I’ve been out since 1982. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of this, any more than I’m proud or ashamed of being a redhead, short, having extremely bad eyesight or being right-handed. It is just me. I am…

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