What to know about hiring a professional organizer – 2/15/2018 Washington Post article

This February 15, 2018 Washington Post Home and Garden article “What to know about hiring a professional organizer” by Kevin Brasler is worth analyzing, line by sometimes-painful line. So I’m reprinting it in its entirety, with my comments in red. A National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals colleague sent us the link via a Facebook…

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When is Too Much?

Shoes Goodwill Glitter Sale Nov 2017

I see a lot of Legos. And collections: Hummels, purses, plates, hats, Star Wars toys, shoes, holiday decorations, jewelry, books, makeup, cookware … and collectible Legos. By my standards, I have a massive, intrusive amount of Legos in my house: my son treasures sets, and scratchbuilds with loose pieces. I suspect I could build a…

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Certified Professional Organizer, Mentoring, Part 2

Certified Professional Organizer Certificate

I’m thrilled to announce that I earned my designation of Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO) from the Board of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) on 7/1/2017. I’m one of only nine CPOs in WA among 318 in the US. Fewer than 10% of all NAPO members have earned this status. I’ve worked…

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Mentoring, the Universe, and Stupid Little Stuff

Tree stump

I believe in mentoring, even if it’s only something as simple as giving someone a list of resources to help them explore launching a business. I spent two inspiring hours today talking to a young woman who’s curious about opportunities as a Professional Organizer. She came armed with a list of questions – excellent start!…

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Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) = Organizers +

colorful tangled ropes

Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) are good. Very good. I’m one of them, I know. But participants in the Institute for Challenging Disorganization‘s (ICD) programming are skilled for clients with more demanding needs: clients with brain injuries, ADD, hoarding disorder and the like. ICD-certified Professional Organizers are VERY VERY VERY highly trained. Just the prerequisites…

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The Secret Lives of Hoarders by Matt Paxton

The Secret Lives of Hoarders book cover

Matt Paxton found his life’s calling by chance. But he brings endless passion, compassion, energy, a sharp ability to read people and even enthusiasm to that work – conducting the intensive deep cleanings that the homes of people with hoarding disorder often need in order to be able to reclaim the spaces safely. This book…

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