Seeing What Others Cannot See by Thomas G. West

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Seeing What Others Cannot See: The Hidden Advantages of Visual Thinkers and Differently Wired Brains is Thomas G. West‘s third book. I am sooooooooo torn about this work. It is a powerfully reasoned defense of a world-wide, critical movement to recognize the needs and astonishing abilities of people who are visual/spatial/dyslexic/neurodiverse thinkers. Visual/spatial learners may have…

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OHMIGOSH. I find refreshment in the oddest places. I spent the morning of Saturday 8/15/2020 at the International OCD Foundation‘s Online Hoarding Meeting and I walked away inspired, invigorated and hopeful. There are sooooooooooo many people who care trying to find answers about this illness. And so many resources I didn’t know about for people…

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It’s easy to put your foot in your mouth

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It’s easy to to put your foot in your mouth and bite down hard. Not even deliberately. Just without knowing. And when we’re frightened, stressed by unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations, it’s twice as easy. I’ve posted about cursing, and self-talk, before, as defenses against damaging inwardly-directed verbal habits. I’m looking outward today. Sherwood Community Services,…

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Unintended Consequences for Casual Uncluttering LLC

Many hours of unexpected studying later – amazing what happens to your schedule when you have unanticipated pet-sitting thrust on you – a marvelous result appears – an even more comprehensive Neurodiversity Resources page on the Casual Uncluttering LLC website. I hope you find value. Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer(R)

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Neurodiversity Resources

It’s HERE. I’m elated to introduce a newly-reminted Resources page on my website. What had been devoted to ADD/ADHD is now a brief introduction to materials concerning three prominent expressions of brain-based neurodiversity: ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and Executive Functioning Disorder. It’s my hope that these will provide people with a starting point for research into their…

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