Garbology, the most depressing hopeful book you’ll ever read

Hoarded room Casual Uncluttering project

Garbology Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes is a painful examination of America’s rapport with rubbish. It’s easy to generate refuse, toss it in recycle and walk away. Dishearteningly, everyday citizens’ well-meaning efforts to recycle waste are, at least as of Garbology’s 2012 publication, mostly misplaced. Turns out the folk in charge…

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Fix-it Fairs and Repair Cafes

My beloved box knife, Big Blue, was near death after he lost several incredibly infuriatingly small screws. No big box store carried that size. Even my these-guys-ALWAYS-save-the-day McLendon, a hold-out family-owned chain harking back to the magnificent old days when screws didn’t come in plastic packs of 12, only had a near-match. I LOVE MCLENDON.…

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