One Man’s Trash

Trash. It’s a harsh word, indicating a lack of value of an item, space or person. Organizers encourage clients to avoid negative language about their possessions, for several reasons: (1) Organizers are often trying to teach our clients to be more objective in their valuations about their items, to help their clients more effectively learn…

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Garbology, the most depressing hopeful book you’ll ever read

Hoarded room Casual Uncluttering project

Garbology Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes is a painful examination of America’s rapport with rubbish. It’s easy to generate refuse, toss it in recycle and walk away. Dishearteningly, everyday citizens’ well-meaning efforts to recycle waste are, at least as of Garbology’s 2012 publication, mostly misplaced. Turns out the folk in charge…

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