Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose – Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude

During Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose, Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude, Co-Leaders of ImaginePod, encouraged their 2021 Creative Playful Summit audience, while interviewing with Alyea Ssandovar, to: (1) figure out what you’re good at, and find people who complement you in your weaknesses, and (2) remember that marketing is relationship-building. They suggested…

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Fanlight Productions – powerful resource

old movie projector

There are days I wish I was a billionaire. Because I would turn Fanlight Productions,  “a leading distributor of innovative film and video works on the social issues of our time, with a special focus on healthcare, mental health, professional ethics, aging and gerontology, disabilities, the workplace, and gender and family issues (quoted from its…

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Fear and Balance

I called the police yesterday to stop an enraged thug choking and dragging a young woman through an open-air parking lot in a strip mall. I think the brute was trying to force her into his car, although she fled when both I and another bystander intervened, and I’ll probably never know. The beast got…

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Sharing the Unforgettable – The WE Movement

My son’s school adheres to the principles of, and is a fierce participating member in, the WE Movement. Me into WE We is Everyone We Are the Change We Are a Global Community I am WE   Simple, even childish. 12,300 schools in North America and the UK, involving 1,000s of students, teachers, neighbors,…

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Building Villages – Charitable Donations

Little Boy Bundled in Jacket

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of the Big G. Goodwill. I like its mission, I like the way it accomplishes its mission. Frankly, when I’m making charitable donations on behalf of my clients, it’s sooo darned convenient – Goodwills are as common as Starbucks and mushrooms out here. My Goodwill runs are…

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Smallest Details & A Mom’s Love

Caroline's Cart

The smallest details can make a huge difference for my clients: clear bins or opaque, color-coded manila folders or no folders at all, sort the spices by alphabet or cuisine…  It’s always about making my clients as independent, powerful and self-sufficient as possible.   I came across a Facebook post about Target offering Caroline’s Carts   in its…

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Connection and the News

Why do people stand in the freezing cold in Times Square to celebrate New Year’s? Crowd together for a parade so closely they can hear each other breath? March peacefully, calmly, even if in danger, for a cause? If camaraderie, connection to other people, heightens excitement and hopefulness, may all peaceful events always be filled…

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National Coming Out Day – LGBTQ without apology

I am bisexual, capable of loving, committed, supportive, long-term physical and emotional relationships with either men or women. I’ve been out since 1982. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of this, any more than I’m proud or ashamed of being a redhead, short, having extremely bad eyesight or being right-handed. It is just me. I am…

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Cyndie Dantzscher – Savoury Thymes Catering

Despicable Me Minion in Chef Hat

Cyndie Dantzscher, Personal Chef, Caterer and Founder of Savoury Thymes Catering isn’t just a Chef. Cyndie delights in teaching: teaching about nutrition, technique, flavor combinations, and unusual foods such as smoked milk (yes, smoked milk, which she uses for mashed potatoes). Cyndie is another of my Sky Valley Business Boosters Monroe BNI buds, which makes…

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