Celebrate the mystery

Machines can’t crochet. A client taught me that. Looping my chain on-line, sleuthing taught me that no one can build a machine which can pattern and manipulate needles with the complexity of the weaves our hands stitch. There is a contraption shamelessly dubbed a crochet machine, but, in fact, its talent is “warp knitting.” Celebrate…

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Sergers, bobbins and tailor’s hams on pins and needles

quilts and crate

Every specialty has its secret language. A serger is a machine which finishes the edges of projects. I think. A bobbin is a wheel-shaped anchor that attaches and guides a spool of thread to a sewing machine. Maybe. And by the time I finished Dream Sewing Spaces by Lynette Ranney Black, published by Vancouver, WA-based…

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