The Holderness Family – Organizing Humor

Woman in a pile of shoes

I think Kim and Penn Holderness are hilarious. And a great reminder that we’re all human. You better believe I’m a subscriber. And I LIKE, or HAHA, a lot. They’ve also got FABULOUS ADHD content. You’ll understand the shoe reference if you watch all four clips…   It’s a Pretty Good Box   Weird Things…

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Comedy – ADD/ADHD – Brilliant

The Holderness Family – Comedy – ADD/ADHD – Brilliant. This loving, extroverted, outrageously creative family is giving a gift to the world, finding astonishingly inventive ways to cope during life in shelter-in-place. Penn Holderness, the Mr. of the household, is very open about his ADD-ableness and a splendid example of a person who uses it…

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