Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool goes Casual

toddler boots

I’m overjoyed to announce that Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) and I will be shaking off the dust, clearing a tiny cobweb or two, rescuing all the Tonkas without wheels and generally calming the tantrums an accumulation of 36 years of well-loved children’s, parents’ and teachers’ stuff can cause in a space. I’m honored with…

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Charity Choice Monday – The Bridge Care Center – Real Change 10

The Bridge Care Center, a Quest Church ministry, is another drop-in day center which understands that limiting its services to a particular neighborhood – Ballard – restores community. And it has broad support from an impressive number of partners, from other houses of worship to Top Pot Doughnuts.   The Center provides case management, a…

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Awesomeness is a schedule with Top Pot Doughnuts

Awesomeness is having your client appointments within a 15-minute drive of each other. More awesomeness if there’s a Top Pot Doughnuts in between. And sadness is forgetting the first hour of Breakfast with the Beatles on 102.5 KZOK FM when it’s my favorite KZOK program and I had the perfect work to accompany it.

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