Test It, Tweak It and Try It Again: Micro-Launches Sell New Ideas – Maggie Giele

I love just saying the “T…T…T..” part of Test It, Tweak It and Try It Again: Micro-Launches Sell New Ideas, the lesson Maggie Giele offers in her 2021 Playful Creative Summit presentation. It just twirls off the tongue. She’s applying it to marketing, and it’s brilliant in that arena. I’m paraphrasing very very VERY broadly to summarize her concepts and I’ll explain why in a minute: you need to be specific with yourself about who you want as a customer; you need to really understand why you’re selling what you’re selling – what it’s worth; ya gotta make your offer clear, explain why it’s urgent that your client buy the product/service/project quickly. And once you’ve got those foundations, start tossing out little hints about the idea to test it out: drop it into your conversations, post snips to Facebook, talk about the themes in a podcast. Take notice of peoples’ responses, adjust your product and sales approach accordingly, and, when it’s “right,” launch. Set aside, battle if you need to, perfectionism. You’ll never finish if you let perfectionism freeze you.Square Peg


So where do I want to go with this????? What if you’re your own client? What if you treat your organizing challenges as projects with “market-based” solutions and self-talk as sales pitches that need tweaking? Who do you want to be – your own best self, your own customer? Why do you need to “buy” the changes you’re considering? Why are there deadlines, why is it important to act? And now, start talking about the adjustments to yourself, mention your ambitions to clergy, friends, family, anyone you trust. Listen to their feedback, pay attention to how you feel and think as you suggest these goals to yourself. Tweak your language, refine your purpose. All progress is good progress.

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