Lauren is great to work with; your satisfaction is her top priority. I had moved to a small apartment from a house and had been sick, went through a divorce leaving me overwhelmed. As a result I just couldn't get my butt moving to finish putting things away. I hired Lauren to help me with a bunch of misc stuff and my craft supplies. We spent a couple of sessions together so I could get the hang of what I needed to do. She was great to work with, no judgement if your place is a mess and she doesn't shoehorn you into organizing in categories she uses, she wants you to organize by how you think of and use your stuff. I got rid of quite a lot and a huge side benefit I hadn't thought of was Lauren carted off my excess for me and got things to organizations that could use them, or helped get garbage out or recycling cardboard. She is great to work with and I'm sure I'll call her again if I hit another wall. Nancy K., Tukwila, January 2024


My counselor asked me how my session with you went and I told her I wanted you to adopt me! Jessica B., Snohomish, September 2021


I just changed your ringtone on my phone to Happiness is... from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Anonymous, February 2021


I never dreamed how helpful you would be. Lauren K., virtual client, Austin, Texas, June 2020


Thank you so much for all the help you gave X. Your physical help and expertise were really important, but perhaps the most important was that you helped her gain the confidence that she could actually do this, that it wasn't an impossible task. For all of the above I am eternally grateful. I knew you would be the right person to work with X and I was right! Molly L., Seattle, March 2020


Some of the best money I've ever spent on improving the quality of my life. Lauren is also a coach and mentor who is teaching me the habits of mind necessary to be independent of her services in the future. Felt very comfortable with Lauren in my home with my private things and issues. Dawn R., Tacoma, November 2018


Every time you come here, you change my life. Debbie G., Seattle, July 2018


This is kind of magical. Nan H., Seattle, March 2018


This is the first time I have had any experience having help with my clutter. We are relocating after 33 years in this house. My daughter-in-law volunteered to help me by finding someone to help me attack this monstrous project. She looked up many organizers and then called and chatted with the ones that responded to her, (surprisingly not all responded). Lauren was her FIRST choice for me. She said that Lauren responded timely, asked the most relevant questions regarding the project, gave her information on how she works and seemed insightful to my situation. 33 years is a long time to collect and store paper, trinkets, cards, pictures, business records, etc. We have been working 1-2 days a week for a little over a month now, and I realize I could have opened a Christmas Store AND a card shop with all the excess I had in these areas.

Before we started, I felt self-conscious about the status of my house and would not let anyone come over. Lauren has helped my clutter situation immensely, I am well on my way of being organized and MINIMAL. She has helped me MORE with my sense of self-worth. Lauren is always quick to point out how far I have come with my comfort level purging items I no longer need. When I started it would be "I guess I can give that up", she recently pointed out I am now saying "I don't need that anymore". After our first session of three hours, I have looked forward to getting this done-not dreading having to do it and I believe, it is the manner in which Lauren goes about assisting me and "how" she says things to me that brought about that change in my attitude.

She is always punctual, comes in with the items she has identified we will need to work smoothly (boxes, markers, tape, etc.) and not have to stop and look around to get. She has always been professional yet comfortable to talk with. She also is aware of many service providers to assist me with donating furniture (where they will pick-up), clothing, business equipment & furniture, moving and cleaning-up activities. She has given me names phone numbers to at least 8-10 providers, many I did not even know anyone did such a service! Bottom line is my daughter-in-law was right Lauren has been perfect for me for so many reasons delineated above.

I no longer feel embarrassed about the state my house had become---it just happened while we were living and at times just trying to survive. Thank you Lauren!!! C.L., Puyallup, October 2017


Why didn’t my husband and I do this years ago? I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but that’s not the issue as I can hire someone to clean and dust. The issue is I became disabled about four years ago and have great difficulty with mobility. We’ve been feeling our home is closing in around us…too much stuff, not enough room and an organizational nightmare. We decided to seek a professional organizer to help us give us back our home. We did a considerable amount of research and we ultimately contacted Lauren Williams of Casual Uncluttering. Lauren came out for a free consultation and by the end of that conversation, we were convinced she was the perfect fit. Lauren spent the majority of her time listening (what a novel concept) to assess our needs and priorities. She is pragmatic, logical and sensible. She is non-judgmental and detached from the emotions we feel, but at the same time caring and empathetic to our situation. Lauren paid for her fee multiple times over the first day, finding a $1,500 pearl necklace I thought had been stolen and lost forever. All I could do was sit and cry. If your home is closing in on you, do yourself a huge favor and call Lauren Williams at Casual Uncluttering first…you will be as pleased as we are. Thank you. Penny C., Everett, June 2017


I got the office almost completely emptied out.  After you left, it dawned on me I could use the table in the office on which to stack stuff.  Plus I had another such table in the garage. Problem solved.  I need a couple more boxes in order to empty out the credenza under the printer.  I took photos of the furniture and will list it for sale.  I’ve got a couple of bags of stuff to “put away” in the right place and one small box of electronics to sort through and then the office will be empty.  Unbelievable!  Lauren, it’s been a lifelong dream to have a clean office and a 3 year and 2 month old dream to redesign my home office space to make it more of a sanctuary and creative space for me.  I’m not sure how much of what’s in the garage will be coming back into the new office but I’m excited to get the re-design going.  Thank you so much for prompting me on and standing guard while I sorted through stuff.  I work well with accountability and having you there to answer questions, etc. was great for me.  I am fairly certain I’ll be in touch when it comes time to tackle the next project.  The next project would be more piecemeal as it’s emptying out drawers and closets and sorting through what’s keep-worthy.  There are drawers and closets all over my house.  Oh, and then there’s the back pantry which my partner and I redid several years ago but it got junk-i-fied again.  I need to clear it out and only put back in stuff that I will use.  I know you can help me with all of the above.  It would be great if I could claim victory over all the rooms by the end of 2017.  I would be ecstatic.  That feels like a lot of pressure so I’ll take things one step at a time and if it takes me to the end of 2018, that’s okay because at least it will finally be done!!! J.R., Bellevue, March 2017


C.L. and S.C. from Bothell donated their extra tools to Habitat for Humanity in Everett.

Best money we ever spent. We had our house appraised before we began working with Lauren. After three sessions with Lauren and hard work Lauren inspired us to do in-between our appointments with her, we had the house appraised again. The second appraisal was $15,000 higher. Lauren has a warm personality which is a joy.
C.L. and S.C., Bothell, September 2016


Lauren has been a dream. She is casual & yet totally professional. A very intuitive and caring personality too.

She came into my bogged down studio apartment and box by box helped me sort my possessions. Donating the unnecessary and helping reorganize the necessary and beloved objects into a much better storage system.

It kind of felt like having a favorite babysitter handhold me through the almost archaeological process of rediscovering my home. I'd give her 10+ stars.  I've been looking at my newly uncovered surfaces and such a pleasing sight it all is. I feel like she's giving me back "me." Sue G., Seattle, August 2016


Relaxed, accommodating - and positive
I've worked with Lauren several times over the past many months, and have been very happy with her relaxed style and her ability to accommodate my erratic housekeeping as well as my Type 1 diabetes, which can bring low blood sugar surprises to sustained periods of activity. She has been great. I also like the way she contacts me every once in a while to "remind" me to get some more of that organizing done! Lauren is a very positive person and very easy to work with! Candice B., Redmond, July 2016


Lauren and I get more done in one hour than I get done in a month. Lauren is my miracle worker. Donna R., Redmond, April 2014


Lauren cheerfully guided me through several areas of my home: common areas where everything from books to toys had accumulated, a dining room/home office/crafts center, and a home-based business office/guest room/crafts center. We decluttered. But we also looked at everything from reassigning items to their best locations, to how to keep "stuff" from coming into the house, to all the possibilities for most efficiently using our spaces, by getting just a little more storage or simply putting something where it might fit better. Lauren means it when she says she can do it all, attic to basement and home office too.  Ann P., Redmond, March 2014


I'm going to sing Lauren's praises to everyone I know.
I'm so glad I got together with her. My space looks so much better. Christine C., Lynnwood, January 2014


Patience, compassion, and creativity help cope with change
Lauren is currently working with the oldest member of our independent-living community. Lauren is bringing patience, strong compassion, wonderful creativity and a bit of dig-in-her-heels stubbornness to the process of helping our resident adjust to her new circumstances of living in a smaller space. Lauren is also helping our client restructure some of her tasks, such as paying bills, so that our client can continue to be in charge of her life to the greatest extent possible. Lauren has even rolled up her sleeves to help our gal keep a beloved dog, which has been a challenge. Lisa Caldwell, Community Relations Director, Emeritus Senior Living of Monroe (now Brookdale), December 2013


Lauren got me organized so I can enjoy a visit by my mother. Bonnie H., Seattle, November 2013


Lauren keeps me moving forward.  Anita V O., Seattle, August 2013


Lauren is my activator. Dawn M., Redmond, July 2013


Lauren helped us assess the circumstances for our senior relative, a gentleman who suffers from multiple challenges which prevent him from keeping himself organized. Lauren is caring and nonjudgmental. She gave us a number of practical suggestions and leads to multiple resources which helped us to more effectively deal with his and our situation. She came very prepared, but when we took her far afield she was very persistent in her hunt for the necessary information, saving us hours we didn't have. She gave us a great deal of help organizing us, so we could help him. As a result it has been 4 months and he is maintaining with only mild supervision and is helping organize the parts we were unable to finish before he moved back in. Lauren has followed up on several occasions to insure things are going well. We know we would not have been so successful without Lauren's help. S.O. and D.C., Bellevue, July 2013


Lauren is a great resource. I had her come out and help with organizing my horse blankets. Anyone who has multiple horses knows how overwhelming keeping them organized can be. I could never find the right sized one or right heaviness. I always ended up having to pull all of them out and dig through them for the right ones. Now they are in clear labeled containers. Separated by size and weight. I can even send someone else to get the right blanket. All I have to tell them is the size and weight I need. They are easy to find. This has also made it easier to keep them clean and mended. Lauren saved me tons of time by helping me get these in order. Lauren is great at listening to your ideas and finding what will work for each individual and situation. Wendy E., Monroe, May 2013


Lauren was a gentle guide who brought a sense of humor to help me let go of items which had huge sentimental value for me, but which were in the way of my plan to turn a spare guestroom into a playroom for my children, ages two and four. Everything from a changing table to old computers filled the room and its closet before we started, and it was empty when we finished. We found a string of pearls, a gift from my grandfather, which I thought I'd lost! Lauren even let my little people 'help.' They had a great time too.
Lindsey F., Redmond, January 2013


Lauren supported me in a garage organizing project. She was energetic, fun, and thoughtful in response to questions and insightful in her strategies. I will call on her to support me happily again! Denise Allan, Simplify Experts, April 2012