The Anti-Planner Dani Donovan

Dani Donovan is an ADHD-abled inspiration for the ADHD-abled worldwide. She does it all: TikToks, comics, public speaking, a blog aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd

The Anti-Planner: How to Get Stuff Done When You Don’t Feel Like It.

I’m pointing you to the clean edition: there’s a cuss-word-loaded version makes a Nu Yawker proud.


This ISN’T the book I expected as I breathlessly watched for its release. It’s a playful, quirky, laugh-out-loud-at ridiculous, inspiring, motivating, kick-in-the-rear, gentle, creative, contrarian, pushy, bold, affirming and more collection of hints, games, puzzles and observations for getting someone in the right frame of mind, body, emotion and soul for getting the yucky stuff done.


How I managed to assume it was a planner in the family of the Planner Pad, the Bullet Journal, a Franklin Planner, or any other is beyond me – that fact just whizzed right past me.


Join her tribe. Get her book. And, just in case it makes a difference – there are lots of her ideas I ought to try. And, as best as I know, I don’t happen to be ADHD-awesome.Globe for World Religion

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