The Holderness Family – Bags – I am ROLLING on the floor laughing

OH MY UNIVERSE – me, my count, all shopping bags: I let go a plastic one and two cloth ones; so far keeping 3 small cloth ones, 2 HUGE insulated ones, 4 cheap medium recyclables, 1 FANTASTIC solid-bottomed one, 2 medium insulated ones, 1 huge cloth one, 1 HUGE plastic one which I KNOW I can use for work, 1 tiny cheap recyclable that I AM gonna keep because it’s World Wildlife Federation and it’s got a baby tiger and it makes me smile… Uuuuuuuummmmmmmm… Houston, we have a problem? Hopefully only until my work day ends and I can do a more measured examination of the remainders.


These comedians, The Holderness Family, are AWESOME – wonderful takes on day-to-day life, ADHD, and so much more.


The Holderness Family – Bags


This picture is waaaaay old. The bags don’t fit underneath anymore. I made that little mini-storage thingie out of stuff I found at thrift shops.

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