The Organized Mind by Daniel J Levitin

The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin was required reading for my Level II Time Management and Productivity Specialist Certificate from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. The book is amusing, challenging and ever-so-slightly intimidating. Levitin walks his readers through progressively more challenging elements of our lives: first teaching us how our minds process information, then applying that understanding to our ability to manage our homes, our social constructs, our use of time, medical-decision-making, business, and more. Read it with an intention of learning as much as you can and you’ll be surprised at what you might find. Daniel J. Levitin is multi-talented – an award-winning musician, best-selling author, college professor, neuroscientist and sometime stand-up comedian – witty, opinionated, and very good at taking complex scientific concepts and explaining them in layperson’s terms. You may not always agree with his conclusions: a friend of mine, even though she agreed with his assessment of homeopathic medicine in general (pages 252-253 of the 2016 Dutton paperback edition), was able to create an opposing argument in minutes. Levitin approves of junk drawers – horrors! Or maybe not. Take a look at his argument and decide.  Pocket watches

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