Never enough Lego. Maybe too much inspiration.

This lovely lady was a gift to me from my son years ago, when he would proudly save his allowance for trinkets.

My son loves Lego. We go to BrickCon every year we can. BrickCon is exactly what it sounds like, a convention for Lego fans, ALL ages. We went today, October 7, 2018, and we enjoyed ourselves as always. Lots of inspiration.

It’s got movies (AKA Brickfilms) – fandom short films and/or Lego advertising materials. Battling Lego robots – for a more rugged version, try Battlebots – watch it, trust me you’ll have a favorite you’re rooting for by the end of one show. Scratch-built displays (models which aren’t out of kits) of everything from pirate ships to roller coasters. And of course MERCHANDISE. SWAG. BOOTY. LOOT.


Swoopbags, Seattle-born and -made, “Durable, modern toy storage bags,” caught my attention. They are pretty, practical, and well-built: in particular, they are designed with a rim which is a very clever wall that simultaneously  engineers a bag as a play mat and a bin for all those teeeeny tiiiiiny things that roll under couches (Swoopbags highlights toys, makeup, and art supplies.). And I couldn’t help but think that a nice sturdy laundry bag could work just as well. Don’t get me wrong: Swoop may have an excellent solution for you.


But don’t get caught up in the fancier-is-better trap. I’ve seen clever storage “built” from cereal boxes, when that was what a thrifty, creative soul had on hand and could afford. And, loving to be devil’s advocate as I do, uuumm, by the time you add up tape, glue, fabric scraps and time (which NOBODY ever seems to count as an expense, sigh), those cereal boxes might cost more than name-your-favorite-expensive-brand (I don’t dare.). Maybe in other words, don’t let the lack of a “perfect” solution stop you from A solution. No such thing as perfect.



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