Trusting Trusted Sources

My son and I are mushes for all sorts of animals. If we can ever manage it, we want to keep a paludarium, who knows what other kinds of reptiles, goats, cats, dogs, and capybara. We’re currently rescuing an abandoned hobby of fishkeeping. And we both support animal rescue agencies in various ways. On to trusting trusted sources.


Denny’s Pet World, a fantastic pet store in Kirkland, like many locally-oriented companies, keeps a couple of change jars on its check-out counters in support of community charities. One of those tiny cylinders just taught me about Joplin’s Animal Rescue in Edmonds and  I wish I’d paid attention YEARS ago. OHMIUNIVERSE these guys are the Smokejumpers of animal rescue “… dedicated to responding to natural and man-made disasters in a variety of ways. We are highly trained and experienced in search and rescue efforts; field triage, evacuation and transport of animals affected by disaster…” If you’re looking for a more unusual non-profit to support, this is it.

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