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Just delighted that my original post to the ActiveRain community sparked such an entirely different train of thought. Reblogged with permission from Nick Vandekar

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I was reading a post this morning about creativity by Lauren Williams, CPO, CVPO and as I was leaving a comment it got my mind rolling.

Tuning in!

I was thinking how one needs to tune in to an idea. There are lots of ideas out there, floating around but you don’t always tune in. Just as when it is cloudy and raining you do not think of the sun, but if you take off in a jet as you break through the clouds there is the bright sunshine. It is there, but you are unconscious of it till you break through the cloud level.

Imagine what ideas are floating around out there you can use?

I remember reading a book, I believe it was by the lady who wrote Under the Tuscan Sun. She mentioned how she had an idea for a story following the success of that book. But, she just could not get started. She had sketched out the book, the start, the characters etc, but still she could not get started writing it. Then she was reading a new book by another author, and there was her book, the same idea. Ideas do not always wait for us she said, they find someone who is receptive and willing to give them life.

What ideas are you ignoring? 

The photo above is outside a restaurant we like to go to, I was introduced to it by my fiancée. I had wanted to go there before, but never had the opportunity. You generally have to book up well in advance. But, on my first visit, I saw this bench and thought what a creative way to use all those old skis one sees in a yard sale for just a few dollars.

Tuned out.

With all the streaming services we have today, you may have forgotten how you had to tune your radio in, and if you were in a car driving, you might have to adjust as you travelled to keep the radio tuned to the station you wanted to listen to.

What are you tuned into? What are you listening to?

Maybe what you are hearing is slightly distorted, or even something negative which is not doing you any good. Maybe the clouds are blocking your sunshine and you have forgotten just how wonderful the sun can feel upon your skin. But, all it takes is usually a small adjustment to change channel.

What are you going to tune into this week?


Butterfly on a flower

Every day, I walk, usually in total about 5-6 miles, sometimes more. This morning it was raining, but it was so quiet, it was lovely. Often we see some animal, maybe a turtle, or a mother duck with her ducklings, a heron or possibly a fox, which will excite Jackie our dog. Some days it is a flower, blooming for just a short time, or maybe before it blooms, and you get to imagine the hope there is in the potential for that flower. It may even be the shape of a tree, or the texture of a rock or the bark on a tree. All these things give me joy, with a capital J. They let me tune in to the peace and the energy around me as I walk or maybe just stand or sit and enjoy the moment. They let me still my mind and just be.

Going with the current!

When I went on my Camino, a pilgrimage walk across Portugal and Northern Spain I changed my channel. It ended up causing me to change my life dramatically. I got rid of a lot of things from my life, I changed direction somewhat, tacking differently. I felt I started swimming with the current not against it. Life became easier, and I enjoyed being me, something I had not enjoyed for a while as i was not being authentic to who I was.

Maybe you need to tune in to a new idea or to who you truly are, it too might change your life. I think we all do better when we are our most authentic self.


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