Ugly Truth

I don’t feel great today: spent much of last week at an online conference – HAD AN AMAZING TIME. BUUUUTTT… I was waking up at 5:15AM. I don’t do 5:15AM. Haven’t done 5:15AM since my undergrad days, and I AIN’T gonna ‘fess up to how long ago that was. And I was awful about my diet, to “cope.” Sugar, sugar, more sugar, dairy, caffeine, in about that order, and then the fruits and veges to fill in the gaps. Righting myself this week, but ugh.

So I’m taking an easy day today, catching up on filing, despite the fact that I have a bookkeeping crisis to solve. Better I do what I can than fail at what I can’t. And I’m binge-watching a hoarding TV show on my phone, channeled through YouTube. Won’t name the show.


I’m staring at an ugly truth. I don’t have the faintest idea how YouTube directs advertisements to viewers. But it is damned ugly for a TV show about a mental illness which can be expressed by compulsive acquisition and/or overbuying to have advertising from craft supply vendors and home-shopping-network style jewelry companies, in the same episode where someone has just packed up 125 boxes of such items.


Examine consumerism for what it is, a deliberately false narrative, designed to profit a very few members of the global society, that we can’t be happy or healthy without waste.

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