Valentine to my Clients 2018 – Thank You


You fired me when I tried, earnestly and with ill-consideration, to give you a compliment and I shamed you instead. I will always remember the reminder to take care with my words and intentions.

You don’t automatically agree with me, questioning me when I’m not making sense. I’m not all-seeing, don’t want to be treated like an oracle, and besides, your ideas about yourself, for yourself, are always better than mine.heart-shaped balloon flying in blue sky

I come in looking like a hobo and you know it’s simply time to roll up our sleeves and start.

You are determined, brave and daring.

You are creative, generous and kind.

You are ready for change and you trust me to journey with you.

You encourage me as much as I encourage you – my gratitude for Facebook Likes, blog replies, Google reviews and all the rest.












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Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Virtual Professional Organizer®

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