Virtual Cinema Very Verite

I’m prouder than a peacock that Casual Uncluttering LLC’s first-ever virtual Organizer on the Road Show was a success. GenPride, a community center dedicated to serving LGBTQ Puget Sound Region residents, graciously hosted me. I was fortunate – we had a small number of guests, so I didn’t feel nearly the same stage fright as a larger audience would have provoked. On-site, hey, I’ve had 50 people without breaking a sweat. Add in Zoom and I was quaking at the idea of three. Snap, there were six. Virtual ain’t nearly so easy as on-site – all I have to do for on-site is lug a blue 3’x2’x1.5′ bin of props to a conference room, roll a bunch of bins holding the paperwork around in a shopping cart, grab a suitcase of business cards and miscellany and unpack. The photos in this post are my virtual set-up. The bins aren’t in the shopping cart, they’re the improvised table for my mouse. The photography lamps block my front door. The card table holding my props blocks my bedroom door. And now that I like the set-up, the heck I’m going to break the table down – I hope to have several shows a week. So good thing I’m short enough to crawl under it. Virtual cinema very verite. This is going to be a caper.

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