When my GPS has a cold

My GPS does not like extreme heat. It does not like extreme cold. Either induces a head cold in the poor darling girl. She runs a fever, confuses left with right, forgets addresses, steers me to dead ends and lakes or goes blank, staring off into space in misery. This is not malicious of course. Just the mechanical equivalent of brain fog.


But as the proud parent of my GPS, it is aggravating at best. And sometimes frightening. Aggravating for the inconvenience, frightening if I am led fully off-course to a place I don’t know, an hour away from where I want to be, no cellphone reception and steep mountains (I don’t like driving uphill).

So why do I bring this up? Sooooooooooooooooooooo many reasons.


  • To teach the value of contingency planning – when my GPS gets the sniffles, yup, I use my phone – my phone never gets the sniffles. I will sometimes make them argue with each other until they converge on a route, and that’s what I follow.
  • To acknowledge the fear – if I get good and lost, it might take a full day for me to shake off the uneasiness. Better to be honest than bottle it up.
  • To urge “Shrug-shoulderness.” When I’m lost, I INSTANTLY tell myself I’m going to see a beautiful house or an eagle or find a new farm stand. Anything to give me that little boost of confidence. And I do see a beautiful house, or an astonishing view of a lake… Because I’ve coached myself to look.
  • And in hope of giving someone a laugh. When I moved out of NYC the first time, I swore I’d rather drive a horse than a car. In California. Yea, right. Fuggetaboutit.

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