Working with a Teacher

It was a brief but successful journey, captained by Lauren Williams!

I had four hours in which to spend on tackling my office space in the classroom. I had moved classrooms at the beginning of the school year, and hit the ground running. I had my own materials to incorporate into what was left by the previous teacher. What ended up happening between September and April is there wasn’t a good organizing system and my work space kept growing out of control.

Within the allotted time I had scheduled to work with Lauren, she facilitated my realization of my vision for my space. Some professional organizers have a set way and   show you their way. While I went in to this experience needing direction, I got that direction, but customized to me. She cheered on my efforts, letting me know that I was making great progress. She also kept me on schedule, as well as encouraging a timely break or two.

Lauren even encouraged me to use my own terminology for the different organizing zones – give away, donate, share, let it go to a colleague, don’t want any more…. And ‘to file’ was narrowed down to more specific terms, such as really considering what type of filing was ultimately needed – ‘to file’ was revised as we went. As I realized how I wanted my system that would make me more efficient would look, the categories were revised.

Lauren was responsive to my style, like only a pro can do. Her flexibility in adapting to what I needed was spot on! She also came fully prepared with resources to support the process, her own trash bin to haul away what we collected, clips and binders, cardboard boxes at the ready to move clutter to storage if needed and blue tape to set up organizing zones. This clearly wasn’t her first rodeo.

I’m excited to get back to work after this spring break and put to use the new efficient systems that we created together! I am now clear about how I will use my newly defined spaces.
All this, in only a four hour journey! Thank you, Lauren  :)

About Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Virtual Professional Organizer®

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