Meaningful Connections Through Play – Toby Falconer

Toby Falconer, founder of The Open Fort, wants people, even complete strangers, to connect. He is, among other things, an advocate of placemaking, a movement to make public spaces welcoming, comfortable, inspiring places which are permanently attractive (this definition is ENTIRELY mine, translated from what I’ve read). He’s created interactive installations of 3D cut-out houses to make construction sites more bearable for the neighbors and a Space Maze which looks delightful. His 2021 Playful Creative Summit chat with Alyea Sandovar  emphasized that creativity, actively seeking to be playful, can take planning and preparation, which he acknowledges seems contradictory. But having your games already to hand when you want to play, maybe introducing people to each other to ease shyness, can go a long way to making a wonderful event, and helping people have a sense of belonging.


Take a look at the concepts of placemaking. Apply them to your home. I tried Placemaking.Education’s 12-minute introduction and enjoyed it. Highly evocative of feng shui and Winifred Gallagher’s marvelous book House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live.

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