One Man’s Trash

Trash. It’s a harsh word, indicating a lack of value of an item, space or person. Organizers encourage clients to avoid negative language about their possessions, for several reasons:

(1) Organizers are often trying to teach our clients to be more objective in their valuations about their items, to help their clients more effectively learn which of their possessions are most needfully kept or let go.

(2) Most people, if they hear their possessions devalued, have an instinctive protective reaction about the things and they are more likely to want to keep them.

(3) The word dishonors whatever value the stuff genuinely has for a person, regardless of whether that value is sentimental, financial, artistic, or practical.

So I fell into fits of giggles when I went to take a bag of trash to a client’s REFUSE chute. Hadn’t seen that mannerly word since reading.. maybe Jane Austen?

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